Wash (Pinhole Camera)


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This print was not featured on the SFLAB Channel, however, you can see the making of the print in the darkroom on the link below.

I decided to go for a Sunday afternoon walk with my Pinhole Camera loaded with Fuji Acros 100. This particular scene I lowered the tripod

and guessed, as you always do, the composition and metered for the light using my phone app. My exposure time was 3 seconds which was long enough to record flowing waves. I waited for the right moment where the wave was coming in to it’s closest point to the camera and released the shutter.

When I developed the Negatives I knew instantly it would make a nice print. The Negative itself looked great, so I did my job well!

Image is printed on 16×12 Inch paper. Actual image area is 10×10 inch.

This photograph was taken on November 17th 2019 at Sandown Beach, Isle of Wight.


Camera – Ranica Prosta 6×6 Pinhole Camera

Film – Fuji Acros 100

Developer – KODAK D76 – 1:1 10.5 minutes. 

Paper – Kentmere VC Select Lustre Resin Paper

Developer – Fotospeed PD5

Toning – Selenium Toned

Further notes –

Being a pinhole camera Photograph it is naturally a soft image. 

Print comes with an information card and is sent flat and includes free shipping worldwide.

Only 5 prints were made as seen in the video and are signed and dated. Further copies may be available in the future, however, these are my first batch of prints from this negative.