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Rollei RPX 25 Film

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Recently I shot some long exposures on Rollei RPX 25 Film. It was early morning with beautiful clouds and to help with getting past the 1 second mark I added a Red Filter and also a Polorising Filter to my lens.

I developed the film in my replenished XTOL stock for 6.5 minutes at 20°.

Negatives came out well with very fine grain. I had to pre-wash the film first to get rid of the anti dilation dye that I know is quite heavy on this film. I didn’t want that colour to get into my XTOL STOCK.

The reciprocity failure times were not bad at all. I found some information online for this.

from http://www.jla-analog.net

Here are the scans from that shoot. I don’t use a professional scanner but the scans give me an alternative reference to a contact sheet.

You will see I bracketed my shots starting with 3 second exposure, the 1 second then 6 seconds. And here is the YouTube video associated with me shooting this film.

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