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Film Ferrania P33

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Film photography enthusiasts, rejoice! Film Ferrania, the resurrected Italian film manufacturer, has added another gem to their lineup – the P33, a black and white film with a unique character.

This is what I read up about the film.

What Makes P33 Special

  • Fine Grain & Detail: The P33 delivers beautifully fine grain, allowing for incredibly detailed images. This makes it perfect for capturing intricate textures and subtle nuances.
  • Tonal Range: Expect gorgeous tonality, with smooth transitions and a wide dynamic range. Your photographs will have a beautiful depth and classic black and white aesthetic.
  • Improved Usability: Unlike its predecessor, the P30, the P33 is designed specifically for easier development and printing, giving you more flexibility in the darkroom.
  • 160 ISO Versatility: The medium speed of ISO 160 makes the P33 suitable for both sunny outdoor scenes and well-lit indoor situations, providing a great balance.

And I was lucky to get my hands on a few rolls from The Little British Camera Company

I was eager to try this film out having shot many rolls of the popular P30 Motion Picture Film that Ferrania have had out for many years now and see if P33 was similar. In that I mean if it is as contrasty as P30.

And here are tow YouTube Videos I put out recently using this film:

P33 and Nikon F3

P33 and Olympus OM-20

For my first roll I used Rodinal and I had to do some tests first as on their data sheet Ferrania recommend 1+25 for 5 minutes. I thought that was a bit short for a 160 ISO Film, and after doing some tests I was happy at 10 Minutes. Double the time they suggest. My 5 minute tests were very thin.

As expected good ole Rodinal tells no fibs and I was greeted with nice negatives, easily printable and with a pleasing grain for the photography I was shooting, Street.

I didn’t find the contrast as punchy as their P30 Film, except when I shot my second roll at the local farm I used the Rotary Processor. Ferrania recommend Hand Process only for this film. And I used a new developer that I am testing at the moment from Zone Imaging (due to be released soon).

Rotary Process:

Noting the contrast, which was more evident on the negatives I shot another roll and used the same developer with a bit more time and this time hand developed the film. I managed to get much better detailed negatives, still with contrast, but with more detail. And as for the grain, it’s very fine indeed!

And you have to excuse me for not printing these negs and others recently. The Darkroom is a tad bit damp!

But this film certainly does seem to have a unique look with the highlights appearing slightly bloomy, nice tonality and a deep contrast. But as we all know the look of any film is controlled in development. I’m thinking how this film would looked pulled! Something I may try another time. Or even in 510 Pyro! I’m not sure I will venture with Rodinal with this film again though. I felt that was a bit harsh.

But with so many films on the market I am wondering if this new P33 film would be great for my street photography or even portraits. There’s no harm in trying out and experimenting with different films to see if they could work with your regular work be it portraits, street or scapes and give a different feel.

Whether I use the film again and experiment you have to admire the dedication and, no doubt, tremendous effort Ferrania have put into this, actually very nice, film and their other films, and keeping film alive for the community to enjoy.

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