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Rollei Retro 80s Film

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After trying and enjoying shooting Rollei Retro 400s I decided to try out the Retro80s.

Retro 80 is the replacement for Retro 100 film. Produced in the old Agfa-Gevaert N.V.fcatory in Belgium. Good exposure latitude; expose between ISO 32 and ISO 100.

  • medium-speed super-panchromatic black and white film
  • special coating to improve the transport properties of the film in the camera
  • optimal flatness – can be used both in daylight and in artificial light without any restrictions
  • due to the low blue-sensitivity of the emulsion, shots taken with a direct flash are less sensitive (this is based on using a direct flash with a color temperature of approx. 6500K)
  • extended red sensitivity up to 750 nm
  • can also be used as an infrared film when used with filters
  • extended exposure latitude (between 32 and 100 ISO)
  • good for push/pull processing
  • good tone reproduction – great maximum density
  • transparent = ideal for scanning and as a slide
Retro 80s 120

I had two rolls to try. The first roll I shot for a vlog on my YouTube Channel on some old derelict cars. You can see the video on my channel.

It was a light overcast day and I shot the film at 50 ISO. I developed it in Rodinal at 1/50 for 11 mins. The film came out very contrasty with bright highlights and deep black shadows and very sharp with fine grain. Here are some of the images from that shoot.

I love the punchy look on grungy looking subjects but the next day I shot the other roll in my Pinhole Camera at the Beach. I shot it again at 50 ISO but this time I developed it in XTOL at 1/2 for 10 minutes. This time my negatives were much more less contrasty, which was nice to see for a seascape! Again very fine grain and obviously compromised sharpness due to being Pinhole.

Will I shoot the Rollei Retro again? Yes! I like it. And at only £4 something a roll you get a lot of film for your money. I would, however, use XTOL for the development.

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