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Broken Kodak Retinette 22

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This 1954 Kodak Retinette Type 22 Camera I have had for a number of years and it has given me much joy taking photographs along the way but recently on a shoot it failed and I had missing frames!

The Kodak Retinette was a popular camera throughout the 1950s and a number of models were produced.

I recently uploaded a video on the camera on the SFLaB YouTube Channel.

This particular Retinette was in production by Kodak Germany from 1954 until 1958. Kodak used the Compur-Rapid Shutter which has speeds of 1s to 1/500th of a second as well as a Bulb Mode.

And the Lens is a good ole Schneider-Kreuznach 45mm and has apertures from f/3.5 to f/22.

The Shutter Speed and Aperture are coupled for correct exposures and also has a RED EV scale which was popular back in the 50s.

But this one has an issue. Intermittently the leaf shutter won’t operate leaving me with blank frames during a roll. I can still use the camera without getting black frames now I know there is an issue and every time I take a picture I just have to listen carefully if the shutter has opened and closed! But I would still like to get it fixed as it is in great condition and after all these years has only started playing up.

So from a 36 exposure roll of Kentmere 400 Film I got a few photos which as you can see the lens on this camera is pretty good! You will notice the wonky one of the Church Door… This was part of my shutter sound confused state where I took a few shots and this was the one that clicked!

The Photographs are of Shanklin Train Station on the Isle of Wight. An old Victorian Station.

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